Friday, September 21, 2012

Icky Heat!

Hello everyone!! Tomorrow we head home and as much as I hate to say it, I think everyone is ready! We had a wonderful time but we all could use a good night sleep in our own beds. This heat has really taken it's toll on Ian. We have spent much of the last few days in our hotel room because after just an hour or two he starts getting really pale and sleepy and that's him out for the rest of the day. We have 2 more large events to go tonight and he is fast asleep in bed. Poor thing. He did get to take in a few rides last night but it was only cool for about 2 hours before the parks closed.
  We hear that tomorrow night we could be under a freeze warning in St. Cloud and Ian and I high fived each other at the sound of that. We are both looking forward to getting out of this humidity.
  The people here have been amazing and it really has been a dream trip. So many pictures and memories to last a life time, and we still have the medal ceremony to go!! Not sure if we will sign in again before we leave tomorrow at 7am to catch our plane home but we will be adding more photos soon!
   We want to thank all of you who support the children's miracle network, and as always we will keep spreading the word about our wonderful hospital Gillette!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

On the news

Did anyone watch channel 5 this morning? Well Ian and Stephen were on it. If you missed it, you can see it here

Ian was so tired after having stayed up until 1:30 and then getting up at 5:30 for that interview with Miss America! Now we just finished talking to many of the people that make all of this possible by raising funds for CMNH. There our family was introduced by country star Mark Wills (a great supporter of CMNH). We have traveled this entire trip with him somewhere around us. It is funny that his childhood music was Iron Maiden and Metallica. He and Patrick had a chat about music when we found this out.

We are in the room for a little rest and then off to Magic Kingdom again. Here are a few more photos from our trip

Wow!  It's been a whirlwind of activity here, so we haven't had much of a chance to Blog!  We've spent a lot of time trying to see all of the sights since we got to D.C., and tried to take pictures of all of the places we visited.  All of the buildings are really cool, and there are lots of monuments and Museums.  We had an exclusive tour of the Capitol building, which was very cool!  And what a day it was yesterday!  We all got the chance to go on a tour of the Whitehouse (also very cool!), and then we had a group picture taken with President Obama and his dog Bo!  How cool is that?  Will right more later, but right now I need to get ready for an interview!

Over and Out, for now.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

YEAH! more pictures!!
A bit of the Washington Monument. I have better pics but not in this camera.
The capital

Me with all of the other 2012 Champions from all 50 states. I am hidden in this photo.
More photos in a little bit after we get back

Here are a few pictures from our last couple of days of travel.
This is the inside of our plane before we left Minneapolis
Do I look worried?
Out my window
Our hotel

My dad can't find the bathroom in Washington DC

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hi everyone!  Sorry to report that it's only me, Robbi. Ian is so worn out so he asked me to come to the lobby to post to his blog. We have been going non stop since we woke up. First, a welcome breakfast then we all jumped on buses for a photo at Grant's statue, then we all went for a Congressional lunch at Capital Hill. After, we walked to the capital building for a private guided tour with one of MN Senators aides. It was amazing!
   Still to come tonight will be a private party at The National Air and Space Museum and for Wednesday, it has been confirmed, we will be going on a private whitehouse tour and President Obama has put us on his Calendar. Tomorrow we have a free day so will post photos then. We have many! Ian loved the ride here, except when the plane banked. I laughed so hard I was in tears because it really freaked him out. He ended up trading seats with me though because he changed his mind about a window seat and he LOVED watching as we flew over all of the states between MN and DC. Lake Michigan was boring for a short time but all in all it was fun. One thing I have to add, for those that know me will get a good laugh...I was laying on the ground taking photos of the Washington Monument, when Patrick (Ian's big bratty brother) decided to tell me about all of the mouse holes he was seeing in the field, then very close to my head, he claimed to have seen one. Well that was the  end of my artistic photography! LOL Bye for now! Ian is relaxed, laying in a very soft bed here at the Mariot, watching tv. I think I will join him!

Friday, September 14, 2012

A few photos

ooops! I wanted to add some photos from our summer so here we go

Ian and Chewie, Best of friends

One of our local DQ's on Blizzard Day!